Lutz Berger war von 2011 bis 2018 alleiniger geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der digades GmbH.


Founder of DIGADES, the company behind TILSBERK.

About Lutz Berger

Always with the motorcycle at heart

After completing his studies as an engineer for communications engineering, Lutz Berger founded the company DIGADES in 1991 together with other partners. During this time, he was already riding and screwing on his MZ TS 250 and his Yamaha XJ 550.

In the course of time, DIGADES GmbH developed into a renowned supplier of electronics for e.g. Webasto or automobile and motorcycle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW or Volkswagen. His enthusiasm for motorcycles also accompanied him during this time. Thus, over the years he rode Yamaha XJ 600, Suzuki GSX 750 F, BMW R 1150 R, BMW K 1200 R and BMW K 1300 R towards the future.

After the takeover in 2011, Lutz Berger reformed the company. DIGADES has been an owner-managed family business ever since. Clear goals and strong values helped with the reorientation. During these years, his Ducati Diavel AMG and the Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak accompanied him.

When DIGADES' first own product for motorcyclists, the DGUARD emergency call system, was launched in 2016, the next one was already in the pipeline: DVISION, the Head-Up Display, which saw the light of day in 2022.

This ignited his passion for motorcycles even more and during these years he rode a Ducati Multistrada Enduro, a BMW R 1200 R and currently the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited.

After a long period of preparation, Lutz Berger handed over the company to his sons Sascha and Tim in 2021. They raised the passion for two-wheelers to a new level in 2022 with the TILSBERK brand.

Turning visions into reality requires above all courage and stamina. Innovations always take time to be accepted and introduced across the board. Those who firmly believe in their own abilities will also successfully put their ideas into practice, whether for a product or a service.

Lutz Berger

More about TILSBERK

Discover the people behind TILSBERK

digades bekam 2019 ein neues Entwicklungszentrum in Zittau, somit wird den Arbeitnehmern beste und modernste Arbeitsbedingungen geboten.

This is us

Already in 1991, the company DIGADES started. In 2022 the brand TILSBERK was born. Learn more about us and our history.

Meloxmoto liebt Technik und ist begeistert vom TILSBERK Head-Up Display.

Team Tilsberk

Learn more about the people who support us with words and deeds. Here you can find information about friends, partners and testers.

Das Head Up Display ist mit einer kleinen transparenten Scheibe ausgestattet und beschränkt somit nicht dein Sichtfeld.

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