Find your installation variant

Installation of the Tilsberk Head-Up Display in your helmet

Find the installation variant of the Tilsberk head-up display that suits you best. We guide you step by step through the installation process.

Helmet list

Tilsberk head-up display In your helmet

Maybe you can already find your helmet in our helmet database? Take a look right now:

Stencil to try out for yourself

Test the space in your helmet

To get a feel for the size of the head-up display, we have prepared a PDF file for you. Print it out, cut out the HUD and put it in your helmet to see how the Tilsberk head-up display fits into your helmet.

Installation variants

Installation of your Head-Up Display

The links below will take you directly to the installation options.

Additional documents

More info

Here you can find the quickstart guide and in the future the user manual of Tilsberk head-up display as well as other documents.

The Head Up Display is equipped with a small transparent pane and thus does not limit your field of vision.

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