Plan with calimoto, navigate with the Tilsberk Head-up Display

Add a new dimension to your next tour by combining calimoto and the Tilsberk Head-up Display - the perfect combination of technology and comfort. Experience concentration and safety on every ride. Try it out now!

Are you already using calimoto as a premium member?

Off to the adventure!

Plan tours in your calimoto app...

...and let Tilsberk Head-up Display navigate you.

For calimoto premium users

Your calimoto tour now in the Tilsberk Head-up Display

Prepare for your next tour with the calimoto app and the Tilsberk Head-up Display . By combining these two systems, you can focus on the road while all the important information is right in front of you on the display.

If you are a calimoto premium user, you can enjoy an exclusive discount of EUR 50 on the Tilsberk Head-up Display . Enter your calimoto e-mail address on the following page and receive your voucher. Start your tour now. Plan, connect and ride away!

For calimoto newbies

No calimoto? No problem!

Get one month of unlimited access to the calimoto app now!* Buying a Tilsberk Head-Up Display opens the doors to a new world of navigation.

The voucher for your premium access is already in the packaging of your new device - no effort, no additional steps required. Take your chance now and experience the benefits of optimal route planning with calimoto.

*The offer is valid for all users who redeem a code for Premium for the first time and have not used calimoto before or have only used the basic version.



If you use the calimoto view, you will see information about navigation or tracking in the usual calimoto quality. For more details, you can check out your calimoto app directly.

You can control the Tilsberk Head-up Display directly via your calimoto app. The Head-up Display is connected once via Bluetooth.

More questions

You can find information about the costs here: Tilsberk Head-up Display

The calimoto app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

On the web you can find calimoto at:

You connect the Tilsberk Head-up Display to the calimoto app once via Bluetooth. You can find out how to do this in the calimoto app.

The offer is addressed to:

  • calimoto premium user: the offer is only valid for the purchase of a Tilsberk Head-Up Display in the Tilsberk online store and only once per calimoto Premium Account.
  • calimoto basic users or new users: the offer is only valid for users who redeem a code for premium for the first time and have only used calimoto in the basic version so far.

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