Your DGUARD Emergency Call System

With a lot of skill and a bit of luck, we master unexpected things like potholes and deer crossing. For the rest, there's DGUARD. It automatically detects an accident and immediately summons professional help to the scene. If you are responsive, you can give information to the rescue control center via your headset.

Emergency call

Be safe on the road

Thanks to DGUARD, in case of an emergency, medical help will arrive quickly and exactly where you need it.

DGUARD kannst du selbst nachrüsten oder du lässt es von deiner Motorradwerkstatt in dein Motorrad einbauen..

Tested safety

Tested by DEKRA, enduro pro and motorcyclists

DGUARD has been tested by everyday riders as well as in motorcycle racing and by DEKRA. False alarms due to overturning or slipping away when starting? No chance. Because DGUARD was developed together with motorcyclists and put to the test in extensive tests. Development, production and support are made in Germany.

DGUARD's superpowers

DGUARD's Super Powers Sub Heading

Die automatische Unfallerkennung von DGUARD reagiert blitzschnell und holt Hilfe zum Unfallort.

Automatic emergency call

Get help when you need it

In case of an accident, DGUARD
will immediately call for help thanks to its built-in accident detection. The rescue control center is informed of your current position, after which it is connected to you via your headset. This allows you to give the rescue team further information (e.g. about the severity of the accident) if you are responsive.

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Mit DGUARD kannst du auch durch Drücken des SOS-Buttons am Lenkers schnell Hilfe holen.

Manual emergency call via SOS button

Get help yourself

In addition to intelligent accident detection with automatic emergency call, you can also request help yourself by pressing the small SOS button. This is particularly practical if you don't know exactly where you are in an emergency situation or if you need to provide first aid. Because then every second counts.

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Mit der DGUARD Diebstahlwarnung ist dein Bike stets bestens geschützt vor Langfingern.

Theft warning

DGUARD protects what is important to you

In addition to protecting your life, DGUARD also protects your motorcycle. If someone tries to tamper with it, the clever system alerts you directly via a warning signal on your smartphone.

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Das DGUARD Tourentagebuch zeichnet deine gefahrene Motorradtour auf. So kannst du sie teilen und immer wieder erleben.

Tour diary

Useful tour companion

If you want, DGUARD will record your route and save the course, speed, stops and elevation data of the route in an interactive map. You can view, export or share this data with friends and family at any time.

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At a glance











Manage all functions

All functions, settings and recordings can be found in the DGUARD app. Here you can adjust settings, activate the "Find my bike" function and theft warning as well as manage your tour diary.

By the way, you don't need a smartphone for reliable protection on the road.

Die DGUARD Verpackung enthält alle für den Einbau des Motorradnotrufsystems benötigten Komponenten.

Your personal guardian angel on the road

Emergency helper, tour companion and theft warning system

DGUARD is your digital guardian angel that accompanies you on all big and small tours. Install it yourself thanks to video tutorial and step-by-step instructions in your bike or simply leave it to the workshop of your choice.

€ 449.00 incl. VAT.


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