DGUARD | motorcycle emergency call system, theft alarm, tour diary

Even if you are travelling alone, you are safe with dguard. The emergency call system automatically detects an accident and independently calls for rapid assistance. Additional functions: Theft warning and touring roadbook.

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DGUARD is your motorcycle emergency call system with theft warning and tour diary function from TILSBERK.

Intelligent emergency call. With DGUARD you are safe on long and short tours, even on your own: in the event of an accident, it automatically calls for help from 112. Since seconds are crucial, the call goes directly to the rescue control center. After transmitting your GPS coordinates, you get the opportunity to speak directly with your helpers via your connected headset. But even without your intervention, the rescue center knows and comes to you quickly.

Theft warning. As soon as you turn off your motorcycle, DGUARD starts watching it. Whether at the motorcycle hotel, in the restaurant or during extended breaks: as soon as someone tries to tamper with your motorcycle, you will be informed immediately via your smartphone.

Tour diary. Riding a motorcycle means exploring. While you're exploring, DGUARD records your route - if you want it to. This way you can later see exactly which turns you took or share your tour with friends as a .gpx file.




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