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Jenny and Nico have been using Dguard since 2020 and tested the Tilsberk head-up display in 2022.

Jenny and Nico, WHEELS4HEALTH have been using Dguard since 2020 and Tilsberk since 2022 .

About Jenny and Nico

The two with the big heart

Nico came into contact with the topic of experimental oncology research in 2011. After that, the idea of drug research against cancer in children did not let him go. Nico and his girlfriend Jenny travel around the world by motorcycle and collect donations for the project.

This was the first time we came into contact with the two in 2020. Since they are always traveling long distances through foreign countries, the Dguard emergency call system was an ideal addition for them. In 2021, the clever emergency call system had to call for help after a serious fall in Croatia - which it did reliably and without any intervention from Nico or Jenny.

High praise. I tried it unfortunately and it worked fine. The anti-theft alarm system also works great, I'll try it out myself every now and then.... 🙈🤦‍♂️😅

Nico (via Dguard, the automatic emergency call system)

More about Tilsberk

Discover the people behind Tilsberk

digades got a new development center in Zittau in 2019, so the employees are offered the best and most modern working conditions.

This is us

Already in 1991 the company DIGADES started, from which in 2022 the brand Tilsberk was born. Learn more about us and our history.

Meloxmoto loves technology and is excited about Tilsberk head-up display .

Team Tilsberk

Learn more about the people who support us with words and deeds. Here you can find information about friends, partners and testers.

The Head Up Display is equipped with a small transparent pane and thus does not limit your field of vision.

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