TILSBERK Partner since 2022

Moloc Moto ist ein Technik-Freak und TILSBERK Partner seit 2022.

About Moloc Moto

Berlin boy with a soft spot for technology

Lives in Berlin, loves Berlin. And his motorcycle. He roams the city on his Honda CB650R and captures beautiful moments with his camera. We first met on Instagram. For the self-proclaimed technology freak it was clear: "I MUST have this head-up display!". He has been using DVISION on his tours since April. He uses DVISION primarily to avoid having to take his eyes off the road. Makes sense, right in the middle of Berlin's big city bustle...

Really cool that you don't have to take your eyes off the road for this information.

Moloc Moto

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digades bekam 2019 ein neues Entwicklungszentrum in Zittau, somit wird den Arbeitnehmern beste und modernste Arbeitsbedingungen geboten.

This is us

Already in 1991, the company DIGADES started. In 2022 the brand TILSBERK was born. Learn more about us and our history.

Meloxmoto liebt Technik und ist begeistert vom TILSBERK Head-Up Display.

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Learn more about the people who support us with words and deeds. Here you can find information about friends, partners and testers.

Das Head Up Display ist mit einer kleinen transparenten Scheibe ausgestattet und beschränkt somit nicht dein Sichtfeld.

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