UPDATE // Season 2023: new update, new features

UPDATE // Season 2023: new update, new features

We have great news for you! The 2023 season starts with a huge update for our Tilsberk app. We used the winter to develop some new features that will make your navigation even easier and more enjoyable. Here are the most important new features:


New map material

The Tilsberk HUD app now uses Sygic routing with TomTom map data instead of HERE Maps.


Customize hints

Customize the display of navigation instructions by choosing whether they should be displayed long before the turn, normally, immediately before or permanently.

Route planning

Path variants

Use multiple path variants to customize the navigation to your needs.

Route planning


Points of Interest (POIs) can be taken into account during route planning.

Speed warning

Adjust speed warning

Enter the speed limit (in km/h or mph) at which you want to be warned.

Route planning

Interim targets increased

Enter more waypoints to customize your route.

Display indication

mph - km/h

Switch between mph and km/h, depending on your preference.


Kilometers or miles

Customize the distance units of the navigation: Kilometer & Meter, Miles & Feet, Miles & Yard

Route planning

Target memory

Choose from your most recently navigated destinations for even faster navigation.

Route planning


Routes can now also be planned in landscape format in the app.


Only the path in front of you counts

The display of the distance already covered has been removed from the app to allow for clearer navigation if you use the app on the handlebars.

March news

Surprise, surprise...

Next month, we have something special in store for you: We will be working with a leading navigation solution provider to make your route planning even easier and faster. We can't wait to take this step with you!

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We hope you enjoy the new features and hope you have fun navigating with Tilsberk!

The Head Up Display is equipped with a small transparent pane and thus does not limit your field of vision.

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