Dubrovnik city with cactus in foreground
Dubrovnik city with cactus in foreground


The following places are presented here in more detail: Dubrovnik, Ston, Orebic, Korcula, Ploce, Elaphites.


Other destinations in Croatia

Istria, Kvarner Bay, North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia

Dubrovnik is located on the Croatian coastDubrovnik is located on the Croatian coast

South Dalmatia

DUBROVNIK - the "Pearl of the Adriatic".

The drive along the coastal road to Dubrovnik is a highlight in itself. The view of the beautiful bays and romantic places invites you to short stops again and again.

You reach Dubrovnik via the Franjo Tuđman Bridge. The city is one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. Especially the old town, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, far outshines other cities. It is completely enclosed by a city wall, which was completed in the 16th century. After paying an entrance fee, you can walk almost the entirety of the almost two-kilometer-long defensive wall. Dubrovnik is truly a fortified city: a whole 5 fortifications and 16 towers are connected by the city wall. Despite all the enthusiasm for the defensive fortifications, the city itself must not be neglected. Stroll leisurely along the Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street, and let yourself be guided along Dubrovnik's most important sights. The street leads you past opulent palaces, a multitude of churches and - of course - culinary highlights.

Afterwards, the motorcycles can remain parked and you can take a boat directly from the city harbor to the small island of Lokrum in front of the old town of Dubrovnik. The island is under nature protection and also has some sights, such as a Benedictine monastery, to offer.

Ston is a town on the Croatian island of Pelješac.Ston is a town on the Croatian island of Pelješac.

South Dalmatia

STON - jewel on the Peljesac peninsula

North of Dubrovnik you can ride your motorcycle to the Pelješac peninsula. The island produces excellent wine and is known for its breathtaking scenery far from the hustle and bustle of the big tourist crowds. Take your time, enjoy every meter under your wheels, breathe deeply. Pay a visit to the town of Ston. Like a relentless snake of stone, Europe's largest stone wall eats its way through nature there. After the Great Wall of China, Ston's 5.5km stone wall is the second largest in the world! 20 defense towers as well as all seven bastions of the oldest wall in Europe are still well preserved and can be visited during a hike over the stone colossus. Treat yourself to this impressive experience amidst the mostly untouched nature of Pelješac.

Right next door is the Veliki Kaštio fortress. It confidently joins the list of stone giants of Ston. Not far from the castle are the salt marshes, where the precious commodity has been cultivated for centuries. The Franciscan monastery is also worth a visit.

Another treasure thrives particularly well in and around Ston: oysters. Enjoy fresh seafood, the specialty of the area, in one of the countless restaurants along the bay.

Orebic is located in CroatiaOrebic is located in Croatia

South Dalmatia

OREBIC - seafaring town at the foot of Sveti Ilija

From Pelješac, the road continues in a relaxed manner to Orebić. The idyllic small town lies at the foot of the 961-meter-high Sveti Ilija mountain. A drive to the Franciscan monastery above Orebić is worthwhile for the magnificent view alone. If the weather cooperates, a detour to the sandy beach - rather unusual for Croatia - in the south of the city is just the thing. And afterwards you can indulge yourself in the cozy restaurants with typical local specialties. Freshly strengthened, you can then head to the ferry port in the south of the town.

Korčula is located on the southern Dalmatian coastKorčula is located on the southern Dalmatian coast

South Dalmatia


The island of Korčula is also called "The Green Island" and lives up to its name. Between the winding Mediterranean towns and villages, nature shows its best side in the form of green hills, lush pine forests, romantic dream beaches and extensive vineyards.

Get on your motorcycle for a varied tour and visit the island towns along the picturesque coast. Numerous exciting water sports are offered all over Korčula, including diving, sailing and windsurfing. Almost a must-see on Korčula is the fine sandy beach in the seaside resort of Lumbarda, which is untypical for Croatia and therefore so popular.

Just a few kilometers away is the town of Korčula with its fascinating old town. Once you arrive, this town will completely captivate you. The bright stone houses nestle along dreamy cobbled streets in Mediterranean style, walls of gigantic proportions surround the picturesque old town and open their line only to make way for the four powerful towers. It is not for nothing that Korčula is called "Little Dubrovnik" by many. Within its walls, the former Marco Polo is also said to have seen the light of day. You can visit the family's house, and the tower there also offers a magnificent view of the city.

In Vela Luka, a nice stopover on your journey, is the cave Vela Spila. It is a testimony to the fact that 20,000 years ago people appreciated the fertility and pleasant climate of this region and settled here. In front of the cave entrance you can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea with its numerous islets.

The bay of Brna, with its many hidden and varied stretches of beach, is ideal for a short (or longer) bathing intermezzo. Right next door you will find a beach with medicinal mud in the Istruga bay.

After a few kilometers you and your motorcycle will reach the next town: Blato. Especially the large and several times awarded city park in the center of the city attracts attention. The church Svih Svetih is characterized by numerous architectural styles that have been added to the sacral building over the centuries. In front of it stretches the beautiful main square Pijaca, which you should definitely see before you leave. In Blato you will find the typical stone houses of the region in various places.

You can reach the island of Korčula in different ways. Option 1: Take the ferry directly from Split to Vela Luka. Option 2: You can also take the ferry from Ploce to Peljesac, continue by motorcycle to Orebic and from there take the ferry to Domince on Korčula.

The surroundings of Ploce is a natural landscape in CroatiaThe surroundings of Ploce is a natural landscape in Croatia

South Dalmatia

PLOCE and surroundings - pure nature

Ploce is a harbor town easily accessible by ferry in the middle of a vast natural landscape. The river Neretva flows from Bosnia and Herzegovina into the sea near Ploce. Here the Neretva valley has formed, which is under nature protection. Around the Baćina lakes north of Ploce you will find pure relaxation and nature. The seven lakes and the surrounding forests invite you to hike or boat far away from mass tourism. The nearby Stasevica valley between the picturesque mountains is in no way inferior to the Neretva valley with its beautiful natural landscape.

Lopud is an island of Elaphites in CroatiaLopud is an island of Elaphites in Croatia

South Dalmatia

ELAPHITEN - paradise on earth

The ferry from Dubrovnik will take you to probably the most paradisiacal region in Croatia: the Elaphites. The archipelago consists of 13 islands, first of all the island of Lopud. There you can relax on the beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Sunj. Afterwards you will be enchanted. Switch off, enjoy life, be free.

By motorcycle through Croatia

Other destinations in Croatia

Istria peninsula

Kvarner Bay in Croatia

Kvarner Bay

The Dalmatian rocky coast in Croatia is a popular motorcycle route.

North Dalmatia

Split is located in Central Dalmatia in Croatia

Central Dalmatia

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