Split is located in Central Dalmatia in Croatia
Split is located in Central Dalmatia in Croatia


The following places are presented here in more detail: Split, Omiš, Hvar, Makarska, Trogir, Island Šolta, Island Vis, Island Brela, Igrane, Imotski, Kastela.

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Other destinations in Croatia

Istria, Kvarner Bay, North Dalmatia, South Dalmatia

Split is located in central Dalmatia in CroatiaSplit is located in central Dalmatia in Croatia

Central Dalmatia

SPLIT - more than a film set

And again, a UNESCO World Heritage Site awaits you, this time in the city of Split. The palace of Diocletian is definitely worth a visit and gives you an idea of what life must have been like in the Roman era. In contrast, the cafes and restaurants bring you back to the present like guardians of modern times. Treat yourself to a delicious homemade ice cream while strolling along the waterfront. There is always something to see here. Afterwards, it is a good idea to go directly by motorcycle to the Klis Fortress, 10 km away. It is strategically located and served among others the Game of Thrones filmmakers as a film set. You should not miss the spectacular view!

Omis in CroatiaOmis in Croatia

Central Dalmatia

OMIŠ - town at the mouth of the Cetina river

25km away from Split is Omiš. On your route from Split to Makarska (along the famous Makarska Riviera) Omiš is the perfect stopover for you and your motorcycle. Besides beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, the city in the heart of Dalmatia convinces with a historical city center and two fortresses, of which the fortress Starigrad Fortica is especially recommended because of its magnificent view. 6km further is the Cetina gorge, which provides entertainment with its old mills in Radmanove Mlinice and breathtaking nature.

The island of Hvar is located in DalmatiaThe island of Hvar is located in Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

HVAR - Paradise Island Kingdom

The island boasts large yachts, almost always sunny weather, clear waters along numerous dream beaches, enticing purple lavender fields, and a history dating back over 2,000 years. To get to Hvar, you can take the ferry from Split with your motorcycle. The ferry from Drvenik is another option, but the journey from Baška Voda to Drvenik is rather challenging.

Hvar town certainly provides a proper sightseeing kick. Visit St. Stephen's Square with its historical buildings, admire the large marina on the vibrant waterfront, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Franciscan monastery from the 15th century or the mighty Fortica fortress.

You can reach the Paklinski Otoci archipelago by water cab. The so-called Hell Islands are, contrary to their name, a true paradise on earth. Snorkeling, diving, sailing or relaxing hours at the beach club will turn your vacation into a true island dream.

Other destinations on Hvar are Stari Grad Vrboska and Jelsa.

The city of Makarska is located in DalmatiaThe city of Makarska is located in Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

MAKARSKA - the motorcyclist's dream

The town of Makarska on the Biokovo mountain is a good starting point for motorcyclists to ride up the mountain Sveti Jure. The ride is adventurous, as the road is narrow and winding. But if you saddle your little horse early in the morning, you won't encounter any other vehicles on the way up. These are the biggest source of danger here, because the road is very narrow in some places. Therefore, it is best not to use your side cases. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the magnificent view, which stretches all the way to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Be sure to use a day with good weather, otherwise it will be too dangerous and you will not have the phenomenal view that Sveti Jure can offer.

The coastal town of Makarska itself is very popular. Of course, because the city offers wonderful beaches, is located directly on the Biokovo Nature Park and also has a beautiful old town with impressive buildings and many culinary highlights along the waterfront.

Experience the motorcyclist's dream and ride along the Makarska Riviera, you will be thrilled.

Trogir is a town rich in history in DalmatiaTrogir is a town rich in history in Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

TROGIR - the impregnable one

Over a bridge you will reach the old town of Trogir. It captivates with its unmistakable abundance of historical buildings, which make up the special flair of the coastal town. The alleys wind through the buildings and lead to John Paul II Square, which is surrounded by countless architecturally and historically valuable buildings. Discover churches, cathedrals, palaces, monasteries, a fortress - Trogir leaves a lasting impression.

Around the island of Solta in Croatia you will find beautiful beachesAround the island of Solta in Croatia you will find beautiful beaches

Central Dalmatia

ISLAND ŠOLTA - wild Croatia

You and your motorcycle can come to Šolta by ferry from Split. Discover the wild nature during a round trip through the island and explore the interesting island villages Grohote, Stomorska, Maslinica, Necujam, Rogac, Gornja & Donja Krusica, Gornje Selo, Donje Selo, Srednje Selo and their beautiful beaches. Especially the bays in the south of the island are recommended.

The island of Vis is located in Croatia and is known for its great beachesThe island of Vis is located in Croatia and is known for its great beaches

Central Dalmatia

VIS - the unknown dream island

The island of Vis had to go through several times in its history. Numerous occupations left a lasting mark on the island, which is impressively proven by countless military bases and fortifications. Due to its favorable location, it has always been hotly contested. This even went so far that Vis was called "the forbidden" island, as foreigners were not allowed to enter. Only since the emergence of the Republic of Croatia became possible what was unthinkable until then. Now everyone can enjoy discovering this wonderful island. Wonderful bays invite you to relax, and the towns and villages on the island provide the necessary variety.

For culture fans, the town of Vis has a lot to offer, including an excavation site, many fortresses and former military bases (including a submarine base), and mysterious caves. Take at least a full day to visit Vis, the abundance of activities is tremendous. For recreation, there are very nice beaches and bathing bays near Vis.

Komiza is located at the foot of Mount Hum. This lively coastal town, like the rest of the island, is famous for its wonderful bays and beaches, but it also has some interesting buildings, such as a three-story palace and an old sardine factory.

The island of Bisevo is just a stone's throw from the island of Vis. You can get to the island known for its Blue Grotto by cab boat. The mysterious Blue Grotto of Bisevo is definitely worth a visit.

Other places on the island are partly accessible only by unpaved roads, but you will be rewarded with visits to villages that are far from the tourist hustle and bustle.

On the island of Brela in Croatia you can spend a wonderful vacationOn the island of Brela in Croatia you can spend a wonderful vacation

Central Dalmatia

BRELA - Dream beaches with postcard motifs

Do you want your vacation photos to cause envious looks from your friends and family? Then you are in the right place on the island of Brela. Located directly on the Biokovo mountain range, it offers a dreamlike backdrop. Conquer the winding roads of this 1,700m high mountain and then reward yourself with the magnificent view and a return trip to one of the paradisiacal beaches. Punta Rata beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is located next to the famous Kamen Brela, a tree-covered rock that can be found on all postcards. If you and your motorcycle are in the area, Brela is definitely in your itinerary.

Igrane is located in Croatia on the Makarska RivieraIgrane is located in Croatia on the Makarska Riviera

Central Dalmatia

IGRANE - pittorek village on the coast

On your motorcycle tour through the Makarska Riviera you will pass the town of Igrane. Make a stop, stroll along the popular beach promenade and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the cozy resort. In Igrane there are several harbors as well as some churches worth seeing and a fortified tower, which can also be visited. From the church of St. Michael you have a great view of the town of Igrane below.

Near Imotski in Croatia are several lakesNear Imotski in Croatia are several lakes

Central Dalmatia

IMOTSKI - City on the blue and red lake

The small town of Imotski behind the Biokovo Mountains is best known for its red and blue lakes and is well suited for a motorcycle ride through.

The blue lake (Modro Jezero) slowly dries up into the fall, so that you can only see the muddy bottom. The red lake (Crveno Jezero) is Europe's deepest abyss, but its real depth is not yet clear.

Also worth seeing are the ruins of the Topana fortress.

The town of Kastela is located on the coast in CroatiaThe town of Kastela is located on the coast in Croatia

Central Dalmatia

KASTELA - Coastal defense line

In Kastela, one historical fortress follows the next. There used to be 13 forts here, 7 of which have been preserved until today:

  • Kastel Stafilic in the north dates back to the 16th century. Nearby there is also a 1,500 year old olive tree.
  • Kastel Novi from 1512 next to a beautiful church with a large tower, which is worth visiting,
  • Kastel Stari from 1476, which got a moat because of the many attacks at that time,
  • Kastel Luksic from the 15th century in Renaissance style,
  • Kastel Kambelovac from the 16th century with its ostentatious tower,
  • Kastel Gomilica from the 16th century is situated on an island, which is connected with the mainland by a bridge,
  • Kastel Sucurac from 1392 is located in a picturesque part of the village with small streets and an old palace.

Wonderful pebble beaches with shady pine trees and three large gardens complete the overall picture of the town.

By motorcycle through Croatia

Other destinations in Croatia

Istria peninsula

Kvarner Bay in Croatia

Kvarner Bay

The Dalmatian rocky coast in Croatia is a popular motorcycle route.

North Dalmatia

Dubrovnik city with cactus in foreground

South Dalmatia

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