Tilsberk | Head-up Display
Scope of delivery Tilsberk Head-up Display  for motorcyclists
Tilsberk | Head-up Display
At Tilsberk Head-up Display  for your motorcycle helmet, you can choose which units of measurement are displayed, in this example: mph as well as mi and ft
Customize your HUD individually in the Tilsberk app
The Tilsberk module weighs a mere 44g
The Head-up Display can also be removed from the helmet using a magnetic holder
Tilsberk | Head-up Display
Tilsberk | Head-up Display
Tilsberk | Head-up Display
Tilsberk | Head-up Display

Tilsberk | Head-up Display

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2-in-1: Head-up Display I Motorcycle navigation system for your helmet

  • Never look down again
  • Let yourself be navigated with all the important information in front of your eyes
  • Virtual display of information at a distance of 10 meters in front of you
  • Attachment and removal from the helmet in seconds
  • Individual display of navigation, speed, speed limit, compass, incoming calls and much more.
  • calimoto-compatible: Premium users save €50!
  • Import routes planned in other apps via .gpx
  • Free map data and regular updates included
  • Customize the display according to your needs
In stock - in 2-3 days with you
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The Tilsberk Head-up Display : The 2-in-1 navigation solution for focused driving pleasure.

Keep your eyes on the road at all times and enjoy an exciting adventure at the same time! The Tilsberk Head-up Display projects all important information at a virtual distance of 10 meters in front of you. Not only does this allow you to react quickly to unexpected situations, it also means you always have a full view of your surroundings while riding your motorcycle.

The Head-up Display combines light weight, easy attachment to the helmet, 12 hours of battery life and a clear, customizable display. Inspired by head-up displays (HUD for short) in aircraft construction.

Safety comes first. Thanks to the clear display of information, you no longer have to choose between focusing on the road and looking at the speedometer, navigation and more. With our display, you can easily keep an eye on both! The advantage: your eyes no longer have to refocus between the speedometer and the view of the road.

Innovation meets practicality: Head-up Display and a fully-fledged navigation device in one. Why limit yourself to a navigation device when you can have both? The Tilsberk Head-up Display combines the functions of a navigation device for motorcycles with information on speed, speed limits, compass, incoming calls, time, smartphone and display battery status and Bluetooth connection status.

Flexible and comfortable: Thanks to the magnetic helmet adapter, you can insert or remove the Head-up Display in a matter of seconds. The display content can be customized and the display screen can be easily folded away. All without tangled cables and completely integrated into the helmet. Your advantage: you don't have to route any annoying cables inside the helmet or attach any additional parts to the outside of the helmet.
Logo Tilsberk Head-UpDisplay DVISION


Navigation for motorcyclists

Always keep your focus on the road ahead. The helmet-mounted display brings all the information relevant to your ride into your field of vision. It informs you quickly, clearly and conveniently and ensures that you can concentrate fully on your tour. Choose what is important to you: you can configure the display according to your wishes. Up to ten display elements such as navigation, speed or compass are available, which you can select or deselect depending on the basic layout you choose. The Tilsberk Head-up Display is lightweight, lasts for a 12-hour day trip when fully charged and can be quickly removed and attached thanks to the helmet adapter. You can find out more about installation here: tilsberk.com/hud/install/start

The Tilsberk Head Up Display is also suitable for spectacle wearers, as there is enough space for it in most helmets.

Simply motorcycle riding

The Head-up Display for everyone

Jet helmet, flip-up helmet, full-face helmet - with or without sun visor - thanks to the helmet adapters supplied, the Tilsberk Head-up Display can be used in various helmets.

Try it out for yourself! Thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee you have enough time to convince yourself of our quality.

Relaxed through any place

CITY view

Trapped in the urban jungle? Not anymore! With the City View, you can face long lines of traffic lights and dangerous lane-changing maneuvers with ease - and master your big city adventure with confidence.

All information in front of you

The Tilsberk HUD was specially developed as a navigation aid for motorcyclists

The module is extra light, weighing just 44g. You can customize the display to your taste in the free Tilsberk app. All information is clearly legible: monochrome, high-contrast and changing brightness depending on the ambient light. With a battery life of 12 hours, the Tilsberk HUD accompanies you throughout the day. It can be quickly attached to or removed from the helmet.

New function

Now new: control directly with the calimoto app!

The Tilsberk Head-up Display is compatible with calimoto. You can plan your tours as usual in your calimoto app and then display them directly in your HUD. More information: tilsberk.com/calimoto

Frequently asked questions

In this list we answer your questions about Tilsberk Head-up Display (formerly DVISION). If your question is not listed in our FAQ, please contact our support team by phone: +49 (0) 358-5775-775 - or by email: [email protected].


The battery lasts for 12 hours of pure riding time. So you can also use the Head-up Display on long journeys. Charge it just like your smartphone via the USB-C port. (Charging cable is included in the set).

The complete charging process takes about 4 hours if the battery of your Head-Up Display was completely discharged before.


You can find the Tilsberk app for iOS for free in the Apple App Store.

You can find the Tilsberk app for Android devices for free in the Google Play Store.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service team. Just write to [email protected] or call us.

The Tilsberk app supports modern smartphones that have an active Bluetooth connection. Your smartphone must meet one of these two conditions:

Android from version 7.0

iOS as of version 14.0

We regularly check these conditions for correct function. We do not support other smartphone operating systems.

The Tilsberk app will ask you for the following permissions. Please note that these are necessary for trouble-free operation.


Data is transferred between the app and the Tilsberk Head-up Display via Bluetooth. It is also possible to transmit the voice announcements to your Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth.

Location data

The current (exact) location is required so that the Head-up Display can show you the way and to determine the current speed.

Phone status (optional)

If you enable the phone status, the Head-up Display can show you who is currently calling you. If you do not grant this authorization, you will not be able to see any information about calls on the display.

If you notice functional restrictions during use: Please check which permissions you assigned when (initially) installing the app. You may have to adjust them again. Then check whether the functional restriction still occurs.


The Tilsberk HUD is compatible with a wide variety of motorcycle helmets. Important for the installation is the helmet geometry in the forehead area of the helmet. In our decision support you will find more information about the installation.

No. The Tilsberk HUD consists of a single, very narrow and lightweight module and is attached to the top of the visor cutout/forehead edge of the helmet using an adapter.

"Sugru" takes between 24 and 48 hours to dry, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

If you want to use the enclosed "Sugru" glue to fix your helmet adapter: "Sugru" is a product of Tesa and is freely available from the manufacturer itself or in stores. If you need more "Sugru" than the enclosed package, you can simply buy more "Sugru". We have deliberately made sure to use a freely available mounting material that you can buy at any time.


You need to pair the headset of your motorcycle helmet with your smartphone. The Tilsberk Head-up Display then automatically transmits the voice announcements to your headset.

The Tilsberk Head-up Display not only shows you the way, you can also transmit voice announcements to your headset. The headset that you have paired with your smartphone is automatically used for this.


The navigation data is provided by our partner Sygic (map base: TomTom). Alternatively, you can display route instructions from the calimoto app. Route instructions from other providers, e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps, may differ and cannot be displayed in Tilsberk Head-up Display . Please note that you update downloaded maps.

Yes. All maps available in the Tilsberk HUD app and updates are included.

Yes, this is possible. To do this, click on the three dots to the right of the destination input field in the navigation view of the Tilsberk HUD app and select: "Import GPX".


We have conducted several studies in which our Head-up Display was used. The result is that it has no negative effect on concentration in road traffic. On the contrary, the Tilsberk Head-up Display helps you to concentrate better: you can always keep your eyes on the road and don't have to constantly look at the display on your bike

You can change the display screen yourself if it is damaged. You can find this and other accessories here in the store.

The Tilsberk Head-up Display works everywhere in Europe and in most countries worldwide. The only requirement is that your smartphone has an internet connection to plan your tour. There is currently no map material available for China, Japan and North Korea.

To use the Tilsberk Head-up Display , you need a motorcycle helmet, a compatible smartphone, the Tilsberk Head-up Display app and the Tilsberk Head-up Display .

This error has been fixed with firmware version 2.1.99 of the Head-Up Display. Here are two ways in which you can update the firmware, depending on the devices available to you:

Option 1: If you have access to an Android device (alternative/temporary):

If you have temporary access to a tablet or smartphone with an Android operating system, this is the easiest way to update the firmware. Install the Tilsberk HUD app on the Android device, connect the HUD and perform the firmware update. This function can be found in the Tilsberk HUD app in the "Device" tab.

Variant 2: If you only have iOS devices available:

The error can be temporarily suppressed by adjusting the settings on your iPhone. To do this, go to your iPhone's system settings, open the Bluetooth connections section, select Tilsberk Head-up Display and click on the small "i" in the circle on the right-hand side of the screen. Deactivate the "Share system messages" option in the following window. The connection should then be stable so that you can update the firmware.

Please note! If you have a Tilsberk Head-up Display with firmware 1.x:

The problem described does not occur with devices with firmware 1.x! Devices with firmware version 1.x are based on a batch with partly alternative hardware components due to procurement. But don't worry: the functional scope of these devices corresponds exactly to that of devices with firmware version 2.x. Devices with firmware 1.x are not affected by this problem with Bluetooth due to the special configuration of the components.

Both firmware versions, 1.x and 2.x, coexist peacefully and are maintained and updated by us in parallel ! So you will not be at a disadvantage if you have a device with firmware no. 1.x.

If you have any further questions on this topic, you can contact our customer service at any time at [email protected] at any time.

For the full functionality of the Tilsberk HUD even with an inactive screen, it is important that the app also runs in the background without restrictions. Therefore, please check the following:


The battery optimization is not active for the Tilsberk HUD app and, if available, the calimoto app. You can find the setting for this in the system settings of your smartphone in the Tilsberk HUD app; there in the "Battery" or "Energy" section. The energy saving mode of your smartphone must be deactivated.

Please note: Depending on your smartphone model, the settings may vary slightly, be named differently or be located in a different place.


The Tilsberk HUD app and, if available, the calimoto app, also require access to the location data in background mode. You can find the setting for this in the system settings of your iPhone at the very bottom of the list for the respective app. The location access must be set to "always".

Highly reflective surfaces (e.g. stickers) on the tank surface may be reflected in the display and disturb the visual impression. In this case, try to reduce the reflection of the surface (stick stickers to other places, ...).

We deliberately opted for monochrome (single-color) display overlays, as these are significantly more energy-efficient than multicolored ones! This means you benefit from up to 12 hours of battery life and can relax and rely on your Tilsberk Head-up Display for an entire day trip and usually even longer without having to recharge it in between.

In addition, this decision also has a safety aspect: We did not want to additionally restrict the viewing area available to you by covering it with colored image overlays and graphics. Furthermore, the color we use for the overlays in the display does not occur in nature. So you benefit from an optimal visibility of the superimposed information, which cannot be covered by things of the same color etc. in the environment.

Visual impairment

If you wear glasses, you can use the Tilsberk Head-up Display without any problems. If you normally need reading glasses: The recognizability of the HUD display for farsightedness is guaranteed without glasses, as the displayed information is projected at a virtual distance of approx. 10 m in front of the eye. The effect: Similar to traffic signs at the side of the road, the display can be clearly recognized despite farsightedness due to the virtual distance of the display. Your advantage: If you otherwise have problems reading your speedometer on the motorcycle - reading glasses or varifocals are not necessary to see the HUD display clearly!

ATTENTION : The Tilsberk Head-up Display is not suitable for people suffering from epilepsy. The indications on the display can trigger epileptic seizures due to light signals.

The Tilsberk Head-up Display is not suitable for people with one-sided, uncorrected visual impairment. The display can further impair the limited field of vision and prevent you from having a good view of the traffic.

All information is displayed at a virtual distance of 10m. If you wear glasses while riding a motorcycle, this will not affect the use of the Head-Up Display. If you normally need reading glasses: The recognizability of the display in case of farsightedness is guaranteed without glasses, because the displayed information is projected in a virtual distance of about 10m in front of the eye. The effect: Similar to traffic signs at the roadside, the display can be clearly recognized despite farsightedness due to the virtual distance of the overlay. Your advantage: reading or varifocals are not necessary to see the display.


If you use Tilsberk Head-up Display , no data will be transmitted to us.

For navigation, it is necessary that data is transferred to the map service provider Sygic.

If you contact our service team with questions, we collect your address data and information about the problem so that we can help you in the best possible way. To enable you to make the best possible use of the website and the Tilsberk online store, we collect further data. You can find more information and details in our privacy policy.

Are you worried about the risk of injury in the event of an accident with the Tilsberk Head-up Display in your helmet? Don't worry, right from the start we have given a lot of thought to how we can make it as safe as possible for you to use.

The magnetic attachment of the system has proven to be extremely advantageous. Depending on the situation and the forces involved, it allows the display to detach from the adapter on the helmet. This allows the Head-up Display to avoid the strong pressure from the front if necessary, instead of exerting pressure on the forehead in the event of a severe frontal impact. The compact housing design with rounded edges also helps to further minimize the risk of injury. In addition, we have designed the display so that it folds away in an emergency before it can get into the eyes. Not to forget, the Head-up Display weighs just 44 g, making it a real lightweight.


It is sufficient if you have an internet connection to plan your tour. You can download the appropriate maps so that you can navigate safely even if you don't have reception or a mobile data plan.


You connect the Tilsberk Head-up Display to the calimoto app once via Bluetooth. In the calimoto app, you will find the function for pairing the Tilsberk HUD under > Profile > Settings & offline maps > Display > Tilsberk Head-up Display

Yes, as a calimoto premium member you receive a EUR 50 discount on Tilsberk Head-up Display .* Find out more here: tilsberk.com/calimoto

*Applies only to the purchase of a Tilsberk Head-Up Display in the Tilsberk online store and only once per calimoto Premium Account.

The calimoto app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

On the web you can find calimoto at: https://calimoto.app.link/byYabZjZkzb

Yes, as a calimoto basic user or if you don't use calimoto yet, you can test all premium functions of calimoto 1 month for free when you buy a Tilsberk Head-Up Display!* More info here: tilsberk.com/calimoto

*Applies only to users who redeem a code for Premium for the first time and have previously only used calimoto in the basic version.

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