Whether the DVISION head-up display is something for you and your motorcycle helmet, only you decide.

TISBERK head-up display

Is Tilsberk head-up display a good fit for me?

But what can the Tilsberk head-up display really do and what have we completely dispensed with? Find out more here.

At a glance

Do you know if theTILSBERK HUD is right for you?

What the head-up display can do, what makes it so special, what we deliberately do without and for whom the system is not suitable, you can find out on this page.

Features of the Tilsberk HUD

Tilsberk head-up display - An overview

View from a motorcycle helmet with the DVISION head-up display.

Color, representation

monochromatic: light spectrum that does not occur in nature (yellow-green to orange)

Many colors are distracting. We have chosen a monochrome representation so that you can concentrate on the path and the road. The information stands for itself and does not mix with the surroundings.

The DVISION head-up display is inserted into a HJC motorcycle helmet

Attachment in helmet

inside, without attachments, without cable

We have deliberately chosen a mounting concept without external attachments and cables. In this way, we prevent undesirable effects on helmet acoustics and geometry.

The head-up display DVISION changes its brightness depending on the ambient light. This means that you will not be dazzled even when riding a motorcycle through a tunnel or at night.

Brightness adjustment

Automatically adapts to the environment

You see the information optimally at all times - whether in sunshine or at night. Even brief fluctuations in ambient light, for example when driving through a tunnel, are immediately detected. Tilsberk head-up display immediately.

In the free DVISION app, you can set what you want to see on the DVISION display. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed motorcycle ride.

Display elements

Navigation with/without lane indicator, speed, speed warning, incoming calls, compass, time, HUD charging status, smartphone charging status, Bluetooth connection status

We have put together 4 basic layouts for you. Within these layouts you can choose what you want to see on your display
- and what not.

The DVISION head-up display for motorcyclists offers in the NAVIGATOR view the possibility to find your way even in unknown terrain thanks to a detailed route guidance with extended lane display.

Distance of the shown info


At a virtual projection distance of 10m, all information is perceived in harmony with the environment. The eye does not have to refocus between the track and the displayed information. Reading glasses are therefore not necessary.

Display material

Transparent, shatterproof, rounded corners

The display is designed to fold away quickly in the event of an accident, and thanks to its rounded corners and shatterproof material, the risk of eye injury is greatly minimized.

A DVISION head-up display is inserted into a motorcycle helmet with magnetic DVISION helmet adapter.

Attach, remove from helmet

fast with magnetic helmet adapter

The Tilsberk head-up display can be quickly removed from the helmet, eg for charging via the supplied USB cable.

Display position

in front of the right eye

We have designed our development, studies and tests with legal traffic in mind.

The Head Up Display is equipped with a small transparent pane and thus does not limit your field of vision.

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