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By motorcycle through Croatia

Vodnjan is located on the Istrian peninsula

Motorcycling in Croatia

Mandatory equipment

  • High visibility vest must be carried and worn in case of accident/breakdown when on the roadway
  • Dressing bag (material for wound care packed dust-tight)

Motorcycling in Croatia

Helmet compulsory

  • in Croatia motorcycle helmets are compulsory
  • only motorcycle helmets of ECE standard 22 are permitted

Motorcycling in Croatia


  • Compulsory lights for motorcyclists (all year round and also during the day)
  • Motorcyclists must carry a spare set of lights (except for xenon, neon or LED lights)

Motorcycling in Croatia

Maximum speed for drivers over 25 years

  • Inner city 50 km/h
  • Out of town 90 km/h
  • Expressways 110 km/h
  • Freeways 130 km/h

Motorcycling in Croatia

Maximum speed for drivers under 25 years

  • Inner city 50 km/h
  • Out of town 80 km/h
  • Expressways 100 km/h
  • Freeways 110 km/h

Croatian citizens under 25 are only allowed to drive motorcycles up to 25 kW (34 hp) in Croatia. To avoid problems, you should follow the regulations.

Motorcycling in Croatia

Important documents to carry

  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Identity card/passport
  • Green insurance card is recommended

Motorcycling in Croatia

In case of emergency

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Police: 192

You should always report accidents to the police and ask for a certificate of damage to the vehicle. This will help you to cross the Croatian border without any problems, even if you have noticeable damage on your return trip.

Tip: an automatic emergency call system for motorcycles gets help quickly and independently in the local language.

Motorcycling in Croatia

Other info

  • During the entire overtaking process must be blinked
  • School buses may not be overtaken when they stop for boarding or alighting
  • Freeways, some tunnels and the bridge to the island of Krk are subject to tolls, the amount of the toll is calculated on the basis of kilometers driven on the freeway. Tickets can be bought when entering the freeway, they are charged when leaving. Motorcycles are category IA.

Motorcycling in Croatia

Travel time

Unlike in our country, the temperatures from the end of April to September are between 17°C and 25°C, although it is quite a few degrees warmer in the interior. The Croatian winter is relatively mild, so the motorcycle season goes from March to November without any problems. If you love solitude, you should plan your motorcycle trip for May, because the country fills up with tourists only in the following months. In addition, the temperatures are still mild and you can watch in peace, as nature awakens to new life.

Wet roads in Croatia

Caution: Many Croatian roads have extremely little grip when wet! With two wheels, the ride then quickly becomes a dangerous slippery slope. For this reason, some Croatians prefer to leave their motorcycles in the garage when it rains.

Opatija is a wonderful destination in Croatia

Motorcycling in Croatia

Destinations in Croatia

Discover exciting Croatian destinations on the Istrian Peninsula, Kvarner Bay, North, Central and South Dalmatia.

Istria peninsula

Kvarner Bay in Croatia

Kvarner Bay

The Dalmatian rocky coast in Croatia is a popular motorcycle route.

North Dalmatia

Split is located in Central Dalmatia in Croatia

Central Dalmatia

Dubrovnik city with cactus in foreground

South Dalmatia

Motorcycling in Croatia

What you should definitely pack

Find out here what you need for your trip to Croatia and what you can safely do without on a trip to the land of 1,000 islands.

Everything you need in Croatia

Packing list

Here's the packing list to print out:

Download packing list


  • Identity card or passport
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration
  • green insurance card
  • Health insurance card
  • important telephone numbers
  • EC and credit card
  • Cash (Croatian kuna, e.g. for the toll roads)
  • Foreign health certificate / proof of foreign health insurance *
  • Visa / Customs documents *
  • Flight/ ferry/ train ticket *

To be on the safe side, you should also take a printed or digital copy of all documents with you.

* if required

Camping equipment

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat / hammock
  • Mosquito net
  • Waterproofing and repair kit
  • Lamp
  • Stove, gas cartridges if necessary
  • Pots
  • Cutlery, Crockery
  • Drinking bottle
  • Clothesline
  • Dishwashing liquid, kitchen towels

Spare parts & tools

  • Spare spark plugs and spark plug wrench
  • Bowden cables
  • Fabric tape
  • Cable tie
  • Fuses
  • Replacement bulbs for headlights, turn signals and brake lights
  • Replacement tube, repair kit for the tube or tubeless tires
  • Mounting lever for the tires
  • Pinion
  • Chain spray
  • Engine oil in small canister
  • Automotive cables, luster terminals, heat shrink tubing
  • Lighter
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Slotted and cross screwdriver
  • small ratchet set with the most common sockets
  • Open-end and box wrenches sizes 8 to 17 mm
  • Combination pliers
  • Hexagon socket wrench set
  • Air pump or compressor
  • rags and disposable gloves
  • Instruction manual
  • Tool for retensioning the chain, if necessary
  • if necessary, spare levers for brake and clutch
  • Small funnel or measuring cup, if necessary


  • Travel guide, phrasebook, dictionary
  • Map
  • Sunglasses, spare pair if necessary
  • Spare key for motorcycle & suitcase
  • Earplugs
  • (tinted) replacement visor
  • Pocket knife, multi-function tool
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Cell phone incl. charger
  • First aid kit for motorcycles
  • High visibility vest
  • Water / Drinks
  • Fruit / granola bars / dextrose / snacks
  • Emergency call system for motorcyclists
  • head-up display


  • thin / thick socks
  • T-shirts or shirts
  • shorts
  • long trekking pants
  • Fleece jacket or sweater
  • Underwear
  • Thermal underwear
  • long johns
  • Swimming trunks / bikini / swimsuit
  • Solid shoes
  • Light shoes / slippers
  • Neckerchief or balaclava
  • Rainwear
  • Rain overshoes
  • Rain gloves

Hygiene articles

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Shaver
  • Hairbrush / comb
  • Soap, shampoo, detergent
  • Deodorant / Perfume
  • Sunscreen
  • Nail scissors
  • Towels and bath towel
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bandages
  • Toilet paper

By motorcycle through Croatia

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Read here the article about motorcycle tours on the Croatian peninsula of Istria with recommendations on the best places in northern Croatia.

The Head Up Display is equipped with a small transparent pane and thus does not limit your field of vision.

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